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Mission Statement

Building Enclosure Council of Washington D.C. (BEC-DC) is an organization comprised of architects, engineers, contractors, consultants, and manufacturers who share a common interest in new and existing building enclosures and the science related to them. BEC-DC offers a forum for professionals in the construction industry to discuss and share valuable information relating to building enclosure design and their experiences with success and adversity. The purpose of the Building Enclosure Council, Washington DC (BEC|DC) includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Providing a focus and forum at the local level for those with an interest in the building enclosure and related building science issues.
  2. Promoting and encouraging discussion, training, education, technology transfer, and exchange of information about the building enclosure.
  3. Initiating and promoting cross-disciplinary and cross-responsibility dialogue – laterally between professions including designers, consultants, educators, manufacturers, suppliers, fabricators, constructors, building operators, developers, insurers, etc.
  4. Facilitating improvements in relation to processes related to enclosures (including design, construction, repair, etc.) – namely, inspection, approvals, regulations, standards, liability, etc
  • Facilitate and initiate a drive to increase membership participation.
  • Safe in-person member gatherings to encourage networking (e.g., tours, etc.).
  • Reach general members through multiple avenues including industry publications, events, and development of a potential newsletter.
  • Partner with other industry organizations to maximize our outreach and add value to our membership.
  • Build and organize a membership that shares design and construction principles with respect to the building enclosure that advances individual and community expertise.
  • Provide continuing education programs in a variety of presentation formats relevant to the building enclosure.
  • Facilitate discussions among the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry members to address contemporary issues with the objective of producing a better built environment.
  • Serve as a knowledge resource for industry professionals.
Meetings & Events

Please see the AIADC calendar for the Building Enclosure Council's meetings and other events.