What are BEPS?

The Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS) were set forth in Title III of the Clean Energy DC Omnibus Act of 2018. The BEPS is a minimum threshold of energy performance that will be no lower than the local median ENERGY STAR score by property type (or equivalent metric). The standards were created to drive energy performance in existing buildings to help meet the energy and climate goals of the Sustainable DC plan — to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption by 50% by 2032. (Courtesy of the DC Department of Energy and the Environment)

BEPS Information Session for Architects and Designers:



DC Building Energy Performance Standards Overview: An overview and FAQs about what this new regulation is

BEPS Standards And Draft BEPS Rules Released: This article breaks down the proposed ordinance into straightforward language

Where DC’s Building Code Meets BEPS: How DC’s Building Energy Performance Standards for existing buildings overlaps with DC Energy Conservation Code for new buildings.

BEPS Targets For New Construction: This guide outlines how to design for various BEPS-related metrics, including site energy use intensity (site EUI) and ENERGY STAR score.  

Priority Action Playbook: This suite of resources, with a playbook specifically devoted to architects, outlines a list of actions for each profession and describes what they need to do to be prepared to prioritize energy efficiency. This can be used to improve your own practice or as a tool for having a conversation with other stakeholders.