Become a member of the AIA and instantly expand your support network by almost 88,000 colleagues- a valuable professional resource to draw upon, and a powerful, collective voice to advocate for a stronger economic climate for architects nationwide. AIA membership is an essential investment in your own future at every stage of your career.

Here are just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy as a member:

More Support

  • Access a peer network of more than 87,000 national members and more than 2,100 at the AIA|DC local level
  • More than 100 continuing education programs offered annually at the local level to help you fill your mandatory continuing education requirements. These highly rated programs offer peer-to-peer discussions, networking and best practices that are essential to your career and many of them are free for members.
  • Signify that as an AIA architect you adhere to a professional code of ethics and share a common goal to build better world.
  • Public policies through a Government Advocacy legislative agenda that pursue policies that support an environment more favorable to architects and their businesses.

More Knowledge

  • AIA CES Discovery helps you track your continuing education and provides on-demand access to your transcript.
  • More than 20 AIA Knowledge Communities at the national level; professional interest groups that enable like-minded groups of colleagues to share your interests and ideas.
  • Get all of your continuing education for the entire year when you attend DesignDC, the premier regional conference and trade-show for Metro Washington’s architects, designers, engineers, contractors and planners.
  • Subscriptions to ArchitectureDC, AIA|DC News, Newsflash e-newsletter, ARCHITECT the official magazine of the AIA, and more.
  • Over 30 free Lunchtime Learnings annually, most with HSW credits

More Resources

  • AIA Contract Documents™, the most widely accepted standard form documents in the industry, prepared by the AIA in collaboration with owners, contractors, attorneys, architects, and engineers, to help you conduct construction-based business efficiently and effectively; available to members at a discount.
  • Include your firm in the AIA|DC online directory, a comprehensive online guide to architecture and design firms in the Washington metropolitan area. You may also receive a listing in the AIA National online firm profile by request.
  • AIA|DC and AIA National Career Centers, the leading recruitment resources for Metro Washington opportunities, where you can post a position, or find your next one.
  • AIA Advantage discounts on products and services such as shipping technology, banking and more.
  • AIA Trust protection for yourself, your firm and your family, including professional liability and other insurance coverage.