Ricardo J. Rodríguez De Santiago: Present Futures

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing how artists make art. And it’s disrupting the art world. Here, the boundaries between human influence and machine creation are clouded. But AI brings imagination to life in new and innovative ways, and the results may surprise you.

Ricardo J. Rodríguez De Santiago knows a little something about AI-generated art. With more than 8,000 digital artworks, you might call him obsessed. He works with text-to-image algorithms to create images he describes as “present futures.” For him, AI is a generative tool that is experimental and iterative, even controversial—and that's OK.

With this exhibition, the artist presents a collection of AI-generated images that raise questions on architecture, climate change, and politics in his native Puerto Rico. Using the power of AI, Ricardo creates imaginary worlds framed between pain and recovery to highlight Puerto Rican resilience in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Fiona.

Selected Images

Artworks by Ricardo J. Rodriguez De Santiago

Satellites (left)

FEMA—Faded Echoes, Muted Actions (top right)

Post Apocalyptic Before the Storm (bottom right)

About the Artist

Ricardo J. Rodríguez De Santiago (@bytesandmortar) is known for his thought-provoking and progressive insights into the architecture and technology realms. His 15-plus years of architectural experience began in his native Puerto Rico. Since 2018, Ricardo has held several leadership roles connected to the American Institute of Architects. Accolades include National Top 50 Adoption Leader, Young Architect of the Year, and Emerging Architect of the Year. He has also lectured extensively in the US and abroad.

Ricardo, a progressive thinker and critic, brings a distinct perspective to the exhibition. Notably, he holds a specialized certificate in Entrepreneurship & Innovation from Harvard Business School Online, complementing his Bachelor of Architecture from the Universidad Politécnica de Puerto Rico.


Ricardo J. Rodríguez De Santiago: Present Futures is organized by the District Architecture Center in collaboration with @BytesandMortar for the Suman Sorg Gallery. The exhibition is made possible with generous support from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. Additional support is provided by Sustaining Firm Affiliate Members.