Lunchtime Learning: Design Solutions for Restroom Privacy

  • Date

    Friday, April 05 2024

  • Time

    12:00pm - 1:00pm

Virtual CEU providing insight to designing restrooms in today's restrooms with privacy in the public and private sectors. We will identify history of restroom privacy, look at the difference between partition design solutions, cost-benefit analysis and construction implications and finally a short review of ADA compliance considerations associated with privacy toilet partition design. Privacy is a major factor in much of our current design process and identifies why privacy is important. With our everchanging world and needs for various different individuals privacy is key to ensure that everyone has the maximum needed to feel safe and secure when using restrooms.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the factors that have contributed to privacy as a design expectation in many building types
  • Understand different toilet partition design solutions and their varying degrees of privacy.
  • Review cost-benefit analyses and construction implications of privacy solutions.
  • Review ADA compliance considerations associated with privacy toilet partition design


Presented by:

Monika King

Monika King is an experienced architectural consultant with Arch Resources LLC, a Sales Agency representing manufacturers in Divisions 8 & 10. She is a Board Member with CREW Maryland Suburban, active with AIA DC and NEWH. Her background is in interior finishes, base building and openings, and washroom partitions and accessories.


Organized by:

Arch Resources LLC