Gallery Talk: Student Presentations

Join us for informal presentations of past study abroad projects by graduate students Andrea Hopkins and Michael Njo.

Gallery-goers are encouraged to ask questions about the projects and study abroad experience. Explore the entire exhibition before or after the presentations.

Architecture Museum of Rome by Andrea Hopkins

About Architecture Museum of Rome

By Andrea Hopkins, (current) Thesis II Graduate Student 

The Architecture Museum of Rome resides at the Tiber River. The historic site's cultural heritage and the arch of Ponte Rotto inspired the design.

The project bridges the city's past and present. It aims to explore new and innovative ideas in architecture.

Tiber Park by Michael Njo

About Tiber Park

By Michael Njo, (current) Thesis II Graduate Student

Tiber Park takes the form of a building bridge to create public greenspace at the Tiber River. The primary focus is not about moving people and vehicles across the river. Rather, the bridge serves as a destination.

Adding to the park design, the project employs environmental strategies. These systems clean the river and the air that passes over the exterior of the bridge.


The galleries will be open 12pm–4pm. Registration suggested; walk-ins welcome.

This free program is presented in association with ABroad Perspective, on view at the District Architecture Center through May 31, 2023.